9 thoughts on “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge – Part 36 – Into January”

  1. You really need to either get an AssMan who is better at Man
    Management/Motivating or just do the team talks yourself. All that red
    hurts my eyes!

  2. the thing with the team talks is it shows that everyone is confused but I
    think it’s a bug as you press continue and then for a split second
    everything turns to what you expect to see from that team talk. I dont
    think the team talks are bad in the end

  3. I honestly think he’s right, a good old “(Passionately) A good win boys,
    well done” or if you are down at half time, I like to say “(Aggressively) I
    expect to see a much better showing from you in the second half” 😛

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