Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge – Part 36 – Into January


Online video Ranking: five / five

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9 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge – Part 36 – Into January”

  1. Shaun Olok-Jacobs

    Crouch is Overpowered in FM 2013

  2. Chazzalittlemore

    LOGOS CHRIS please

  3. umykillzz

    You need to do your own team talks instead of letting your assistant do them

  4. Frederik Schytte

    You really need to either get an AssMan who is better at Man
    Management/Motivating or just do the team talks yourself. All that red
    hurts my eyes!

  5. Jack Saberton


  6. haighyorkie

    the thing with the team talks is it shows that everyone is confused but I
    think it’s a bug as you press continue and then for a split second
    everything turns to what you expect to see from that team talk. I dont
    think the team talks are bad in the end

  7. MadSister101

    I honestly think he’s right, a good old “(Passionately) A good win boys,
    well done” or if you are down at half time, I like to say “(Aggressively) I
    expect to see a much better showing from you in the second half” 😛

  8. Jack Saberton

    You need to stop saying your team talks (assertively)

  9. Wolfiins