Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 10 – Injury Time


Video clip Rating: five / 5

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10 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 10 – Injury Time”

  1. danfitzarsenal

    Awesome video

  2. Ryan Gibson

    Why do you not do the team talks yourself?

  3. Elliott Frost-Palmer


  4. Dennis Gavrila

    Football manager week!!

  5. Dennis Gavrila


  6. nufcalways1

    Why you training Rekik for WB when his crossing and dribbling and
    attributes for a Wing Back are awful!

  7. 21sizeman

    Speed the game up! So slow

  8. StarsGaming1009

    I like the speed of the games, at least you can see what’s happening.

  9. 045potter

    Agree with the comments far too slow you need to speed the game, it’s not
    exciting to watch, which is a shame cuz this is a really good series idea

  10. MadSister101

    Nuri Sahin shagging the corner flag hahaha