Manchester City returned to form in the best possible manner after a 7-0 win in the Premier league. They thrashed relegation threatened opponents Norwich at the Etihad stadium to move within six points of table leaders Arsenal, who went on to enjoy a 2-0 win over Liverpool on Sunday. The away from of City has been susceptible, but they have been quite brilliant at home. It was once again demonstrated with a high-intensity performance against Norwich. There were seven different positives for Pellegrini in terms of goal scorers. He said after the match that the intensity of the team was giving him a lot of joy.

City’s recent loss against Chelsea had put them in a distant seventh place, which increased the pressure on Pellegrini. City have not finished outside the top two in the last two seasons. Johnson’s own goal after just 16 minutes put City on their way, as they raced to a 4-0 lead within half-time. David Silva, Nastasic and Negredo were the scorers. This great scoreline did not prevent City from relaxing in the second half. They continued their domination with goals from Yaya TourĂ©, Sergio Aguero, and Edin Dzeko.

Pellegrini said that it was normal for the team to relax after such a brilliant first half, but he is happy that his team did not relax.

“It was a really good performance. The team played really well during the 90 minutes, not only the first half. Normally when winning 4-0 at half-time, in the second half a team finish or stop. But the team continued playing exactly the same and that’s very important for me. It is the way we work every day. It is so important for me to see the way I want them to play. They are very good technical players,” said Pellegrini.