Football Manager 2013 – Everton Lets Play – Episode 5: Man City Live Commentary


Movie Score: five / 5

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20 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 – Everton Lets Play – Episode 5: Man City Live Commentary”

  1. Jordan Foster

    do u ever fancy doing like a online season with other people 🙂

  2. callum regan

    your a crap manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Xxharryj94xX

    can you show a vid on all your tactics please?

  4. Philip Hughes

    So unlucky not to hold on for a point. should tinker a bit morewhen your playng, like going bit more defensive, also good to see LFC beat united 🙂 anyway, enjoying the series although i’m 2 weeks behind 😀

  5. TekkersMorrison

    zakaria bakkali wonderkid

  6. Darrison Nbegesk


  7. Светослав Върбанов

    Very good vide mate 😉

  8. TheFinMeansWin

    Yeah I know :/ the video file on my computer is perfectly in sync, I’m not too sure how its happened unless its occurred when I uploaded it, many apologies I will make sure its not the case next episode!

  9. TheFinMeansWin

    Yeah I’ve just noticed that :/ the video file on my computer is in sync but not on here! I will have a look and see what the problem is and fix it for the next episode if its my fault!

  10. lanlodger

    The audios massively out of sync

  11. lanlodger

    Audio out of sync

  12. jenweya

    The audio and the video is a bit out of sync. About 2 seconds before Aguero shot, you said he finds the bottom of the net…. or is this just me… @ 20:24

  13. Kimochein

    Mate could i get a shoutout im doing FM 13 as well ?

  14. TheFinMeansWin

    Thanks mate glad you enjoyed it! :)

  15. TheFinMeansWin

    Uhmmm I think Manchester United with RVP etc, they always seem to win even when they don’t play great

  16. TheFinMeansWin

    Thanks mate glad you like it! 🙂

  17. theDAcharliem2010

    unlucky and could you give me a shout out please

  18. Kimochein

    Good video

  19. xMaizee

    Who do you think will win the BPL this year?

  20. Joe Thompson

    amazing 🙂