20 thoughts on “Football Manager 2013 – Everton Lets Play – Episode 5: Man City Live Commentary”

  1. So unlucky not to hold on for a point. should tinker a bit morewhen your playng, like going bit more defensive, also good to see LFC beat united 🙂 anyway, enjoying the series although i’m 2 weeks behind 😀

  2. Yeah I know :/ the video file on my computer is perfectly in sync, I’m not too sure how its happened unless its occurred when I uploaded it, many apologies I will make sure its not the case next episode!

  3. Yeah I’ve just noticed that :/ the video file on my computer is in sync but not on here! I will have a look and see what the problem is and fix it for the next episode if its my fault!

  4. The audio and the video is a bit out of sync. About 2 seconds before Aguero shot, you said he finds the bottom of the net…. or is this just me… @ 20:24

  5. Uhmmm I think Manchester United with RVP etc, they always seem to win even when they don’t play great

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