24 thoughts on “Celtic FC – First Team visit John Thomson grave”

  1. re sam todd jr. what a cheap comment. Can you not see the celtic team were there to pay tribute to a legend who died at a young age?

  2. Maybe Lennon can blame the Juve defeat on the visit to the grave now that the habitual blame game has begun. I wondered how long it would take before they would transfer their 15 year “Conspiracy” campaign from the SPL to Champions League!!

  3. It’s great that Celtic are the kind of club that never forget their players and important figures related to the club, being a Celtic supporter feels like having a degree in a special kind of history 😀

  4. i think its one of those times ,where the bhoys might not know whether to applaud at such a sombre occasion . ye’know .like feeling awkward .as they are at a graveside .. [respect for the dead . ] so i think Lenny was just offering a lead to them ..

  5. neil lennon what a man stays like that until the man is finished speaking true honor and true gentleman in lennon we trust HH YNWA

  6. A true Celtic legend. I spoke with an old man ( Rangers fan ) years ago who was in the Copeland Road end that day, and he told me that after initial jeering from the Rangers fans, it soon became apparent that JohnThomson was seriously injured. The Rangers captain that day, Davie Meiklejohn, went to the Rangers fans and asked that they fall silent in respect – and they did. He said you could have heard a pin drop as Thomson was stretchered from the Ibrox pitch. Thousands attended his funeral.

  7. nice tribute guys ..
    hopefully the team got a wee glimpse of what being a
    CELTIC Player means to us the Fans …
    by how we remember Legends like Johnny Thompson ..
    and when they are old n grey .. we will still remember them as

  8. 30,000 mourners attended his funeral. Now there’s the measure of the man. RIP John Thomson.

  9. Thats why they clap but why does he need to prompt them to do it? What are they 2 year olds lol

  10. Jambo here, classy guy is your mr Lennon. Not enough recognition to the work done in the community by Celtic, and may I add clubs like hearts too.

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