EXCLUSIVE Edin Dzeko: #askedin Man City star answers fans’ Twitter questions


Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE Edin Dzeko: #askedin Man City star answers fans’ Twitter questions”

  1. Nedo Prijedor

    What you want? He speak Bosnian, Cech, German and he had learn English very quickley.

  2. bockman55

    lmao paprika chips

  3. unkownbadman1

    whats your favourite flour crips ahaha

  4. jonnyelfc

    He seems such a nice fella.

  5. OGRevz

    Never knew Dzeko was an ambassador of Unicef. Uttermost respect to him, amazing on and off the field. <3

  6. Insan Kamil


  7. WhatB0utNAH

    oooooh edin dzekoooooo

  8. iAussie4

    What’s your favourite flower crips?

  9. iam15aac

    the ultimate impact player

  10. ClaytonXL1


  11. hugh blakemore

    flour chips ah thats funny

  12. londo ner

    There’s something about him that reminds me of Arshavin

  13. ricop421

    edin leading on the stalkers lol

  14. Michael Pradipta Nawa Aji

    hahaha 1:48 great question

  15. ClaytonXL1

    yes we can see that, ajax fans always say ‘u mad?’ because they are like flies in football that are just irritating.

  16. 247ThatGuyInTown

    Greetings from America lol

  17. Nexcelcius

    Greetings from indonesia!!!

  18. hitdabass12

    0:37 “football is my life”, i thought he was gonna go all ronaldo castrol for a second, i go hot places, cold places

  19. MsNKProductions

    yes, I hate you forever! Seriously. 

  20. MrThejoker6000

    btw im a ajax suporter u mad bro?

  21. MrThejoker6000

    how that explains everything? he is a good footballer. only he is ugly as fuck lol

  22. MsNKProductions

    oh wait, you’re a Barca fan, that explains everything

  23. MrThejoker6000


  24. MsNKProductions

    d’uh…yeah? Great body + face

  25. MrThejoker6000

    lol you think he is pretty? hahaha