TUNNEL CAM: Man City 4-1 Aston Villa Behind the scenes Etihad Stadium


Video Score: 4 / five

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23 Responses to “TUNNEL CAM: Man City 4-1 Aston Villa Behind the scenes Etihad Stadium”

  1. Duncan Edwards

    Totally agree with: coolbaire37, sweatyGB and lukeavfc2009. Pride in battle ! I don’t recall being that pally with the opposition even in a dinnertime friendly game with mates even as a kid at school. No kin fight in them Villa. Shocking ! And offended.

  2. notnavonnam

    04:51 “Hi Shay. Good?” …. no response

  3. Mark Faviere

    the best tunel’s cam ! and i’m a Corinthians supporter. <3 tevez

  4. TA18master

    Scumbag Balotelli : Is a starter to a game
    Makes all the teammates wait for him to come on the pitch before the 2nd half starts!! lol

  5. Jshhhhhhhhh

    @0:35 Balotelli listening to Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

  6. captain16badgers

    Che uomo piu elegante Roberto Mancini e anche un allenatore fantastico 

  7. Elias kjellsson


  8. Cooljoza

    My bro went to that game!
    Come on city!!!!

  9. Farsan Houshiar

    HESKEY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jodie Harrison

    See how the players get on so well, shaking each others hands. Why can’t fans get on like that. Yes, banter is acceptable; however, violence, racism etc is just wrong. 

  11. Zumar Aboray


  12. Jezus Navas


  13. ImDatAnnoyingGuy

    1:04 HESKEY!!!!!!

  14. MrNaughtyRohan

    Is rooting for city to win the league (Aston Villa fan), its just nice to see Barry & Milner play at the top of their game. Got big respect for these players especially Gareth Barry great servant for us he deserves to be a premier league winner. The players you gave us as well have been great Ireland, Dunne & Given.

  15. liamjones82

    What does anything else matter if we are outnumbered in our own country (genocide)?
    We have to stop immigration.

  16. coolbaire37

    Maybe if the Villa lads were n’t as anxious to get autographs, do handshakes and swap jerseys with City they might have got a better result. Can’t imagine what Roy Keane would make of it all.

  17. Younusk001

    do they make the food halal for yaya?

  18. thjohn1987

    where’s Mario ?????? lol

  19. Eric Cartman

    They should change the ‘Pride In Battle’ sign to ‘Mind Your Head’ for Pantilimon.

  20. Dez Carter

    @simo244 defo agree with you LMAO!

  21. t12478

    I can’t get over how many random men standing around in suits there are. What do they all do?? Are there really that many doors to open?

  22. Ikkauku206

    i forgot what I said lol. I can’t find my comment. Can you remind me?

  23. siq c

    does anyone think heskey handshakes as shit as he plays?