25 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Micah Richards: #askmicah Man City defender answers fans’ tweets”

  1. You know how slow you’ll be if he does weights? Maybe genes, or he does a lot of pushups and dips.

  2. when i saw on the suggestions ask richards i had to click on this i knew it would be hilrous

  3. Not so good area in leeds MAN i live in Leeds … Wasteman ! joking :L chapletown tho wow :L

  4. I’ve studied performing arts & my drama teacher said since female doctors are not classed as “doctoress” then why should the female actors be classed as actress’ anyway she had a very loooong explanation to why that was & it had something 2 do wiv being biased or something like that towards women the thing is I couldn’t be arsed listening to it because it was so long & boring. So Richards is right she’s an actor.

  5. I love Micah. He can’t be serious can he? He laughs out loud at the 120 seconds regulation teeth comment, and then when asked about one club man, his face goes into serious mode: “Yeah, definitely”

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