25 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Man City meets UFC: City players work out at Tito Ortiz UFC Gym”

  1. @1337inzock Micah does not have the same body structure as mike Tyson. Iv seen them both live and in person

  2. im not going to argue or go in to details, but torres would beat richards no problem? in anyway possible standup or ground, he could snap his arm or leg without richards even knowing what happend some would happen if torres kicked him in the head, out.

  3. … so when the big guys got some feeling for wrestling, they could just force me to the ground, although yet too inexperienced to use technique or my own momentum to do so. Although when submissions come in, those giants wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  4. I know Torres is strong enough to have hurt Richards if he hits, but the thing is that Richards is not a bodybuilder from the gym that suck at fighting, he is a beast and would Destroy Torres because he is so much stronger and faster. Yeah I know he is faster he can do 100m in right under 11 seconds. And also me myself has beaten a lot of champions in karate, kickboxing on the street in doesn’t mean shit. Strength and explosivness is the god if you know how to use it and have decent body control

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