TUNNEL CAM: City v Sunderland – Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium – HD


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25 Responses to “TUNNEL CAM: City v Sunderland – Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium – HD”

  1. MackemDaniel97

    Last three times Man City have visited us, we’ve beat them – they haven’t even got a goal. The season before that, it was a draw. The last time they won here was 5 year ago.

  2. irawan hans

    bravo sunderland….hahaha 7 poin lead..hahaha

  3. akshayd211

    you lost now ! 😀 haha
    And one person to score … :P
    ADAMMMM !!! 😀

  4. Cedric dv

    Winning your first title in 44 years – Definitely felt awkward 

  5. xCydezx

    That must’ve been awkward when we won the League

  6. TheClownGamers

    10:00 fuck off Phil Dowd ya fat cunt!

  7. TheClownGamers

    Sessegnon and the toure brothers all friends

  8. ShaneHagan12

    Johnson and catts -3

  9. Ziplock9000

    Johnson.. now one of us!! HAWAY SUNDERLAND!!!

  10. iliStrikeRili

    Phil Dowd. What a cunt.

  11. rotatingcow

    7:05 - Turner ball grab

  12. Walsall FC

    10:50 is that seriously city’s mascot? What dafuq

  13. aidanlennon1

    hahaha this looks pretty silly now haha

  14. Feargface

    What can I say? At the time it was what everyone thought. Mancini worked wonders. I tip my hat to him.

  15. George Spencer

    how wrong you were :/

  16. Tennisabe

    And yet they won… Haha..


    and who won the league and beat you 6-1 and 1-0 exactly

  18. ftmsafc1

    We love you Sunderland!! Safc till I die!!

  19. Kev Nolan

    Well done City, we had you on your arse’s here mind, maybe again next season? 🙂

  20. Xeno919

    they deserved it more then lame united

  21. dexnjack

    2:20 best team coming in o o o o o’niel

  22. relav295

    8:30 he just stole thaat kid

  23. BigPaniro

    watch pizzaro abduct the child at 8:30

  24. JOSHaFella

    @12:28 half the city really wants it. Shows you the passion.

  25. impreza10870