Gareth Barry Fail Own Goal vs Southampton vs Manchester City 3 1 09 02 2013


Video Ranking: 4 / five

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16 Responses to “Gareth Barry Fail Own Goal vs Southampton vs Manchester City 3 1 09 02 2013”

  1. hemlinjhs

    Why Barry,why always Barry

  2. gerrardchennai

    Still a better finish than Torres. But looks like intentional anyhow this season winners had been confirmed man united

  3. Edson Moreno

    This video looks like a Barry’s nightmare.

  4. KillaBeatz2002


  5. garygeach

    Love how the commentator went “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaal!!!” just to rub salt in the wound haha!

  6. HorrorQueen7

    Total fail, Citeh’s cracking up! Second fail is the quality of this video. Looks like it was shot in 1997

  7. Jabikz

    Why was Barry unmarked?

  8. DanCarter93

    No idea how the heck he gets so many games at City with their midfielders.

  9. Rey Matsubi

    best goal in the worlds wkwkwkwkkkk

  10. CALLUMP1999


  11. Luis Garcia

    It looks like he did it on purpose

  12. James Spencer

    he’s still quality

  13. TwoWingsOvrheat


  14. brett hancox

    Great assist from Lambert

  15. kissmyunshavencock


  16. Gordon dondon

    still a better scorer than torres