INSIDE CITY 50: Mario meets Mario


Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 50: Mario meets Mario”

  1. M4ds1997

    23:50 Ha Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! in the background

  2. dan cog

    a minute is 1 unit worth 60 smaller units, therefore 98 is impossible

  3. cartermax83

    1:98 zlatan Ibrahimovic at city? :p

  4. iGotTheTopComment

    Yes im poor. Not everybody sucks cock for money like you

  5. oiyou15

    You are clearly very poor. If you have to carry someone back to your house, if it was me I would drive them.

  6. InsaneMagnus


  7. soccer99221


  8. legonas4444

    Awesome comeback You deserve an award!

  9. Mwansa Ngenda

    Aguero had probably got his the night before from the wifey haha!

  10. Jenni Hutchinson

    I didn’t get that business around 18.35



  12. NicOGaming LT

    Who needs shitty when you can be at united?

  13. 020amsterda020

    good comeback bra. Youtube hero

  14. SFGElite

    do you know where the reply button is… Never mind I probably won’t get a reply

  15. Dom Moore

    igottopcomment that come back was awful hahhaa nonse

  16. iGotTheTopComment

    Yes, your mother, to my house.

  17. lucusvicious

    haha that’s rich.

  18. 020amsterda020

    Pff, do you even lift?

  19. iGotTheTopComment

    Then go out and work hard instead of crying on Youtube you sad little pussy fuck

  20. Klaidi Gaci

    lol “this better not be for Inside City”

  21. EqualizedHD

    Hey guys i just found about this, i emailed
    saying i lost Ibrahimovic and 500,000 coins and they gave it back to me. Its EA Support do not miss this chance go email them!!!

  22. Wildan Hidayat

    like pazzini….XD

  23. pophoenix18

    united fan here, i respect the 40 or 50 fans that they have

  24. ampomah67

    Balotelli for Ghana

  25. keanumartuccio

    mario ballotelli<3