TUNNEL CAM: City 2-3 Manchester United EPL 12/13


Online video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “TUNNEL CAM: City 2-3 Manchester United EPL 12/13”

  1. Ryan Oshea

    that looked like howard web at 00:32

  2. Billy H

    Tom Cruise is a fag

  3. Pearl Z

    You are obviously a City fan!

  4. kylejordan6969

    done video but not very good quality so need cam,please watch video means alot

  5. Wayne Rooney


    Manchester United youtube channel make sure to check it out

  6. Đại Lão

    8:28 rooney is the shit

  7. jérémy hemsley

    nobody saw tom cruise?

  8. luca beltrami

    whay you fucking dirt little cunts, fucking die you pricks! #MUFC #ONETEAMINMANCHESTER #OHROBINVANPERSIE

  9. Alix Lawrence

    Lol G.Nev saying Nevilles playing

  10. ZacdHD


  11. TabBobby

    im not even remotely close to being a city fan but u gotta give it to them for this great channel ..if it was on TV i would watch it ..i hope other teams would follow in their foot steps and bring this kind of content to their fans ;D

  12. Awayze

    Lol same here, I wish United had a channel like this too.

  13. Green froG

    Nasri: It must have been good to finally leave Arsenal isn’t it Robin?
    RVP: Yeah of course but I’m at the better half of Manchester though. Hahaha!!

  14. spikypirate

    Whether you hate city or not, gotta admit these free extra videos are nice. Wish Man Utd would show something like this


    GTFO this channel.

  16. ffppows1


  17. AlexTubed

    Welcome to City, we have wheelie back packs!

  18. reppinflygerians

    I cried at 9:40

  19. Zlopras

    jesus christ Kompany is big

  20. Necrovenge

    Why do you hate them?

  21. H1vey

    Very interesting viewing.

  22. ELLIOT1311

    2-3 GGMU

  23. ELLIOT1311

    United do have a channel, dick heads

  24. Marie503874

    I’m not even a man city fan but I LOVE watching these tunnel cams. 🙂 I wish PSG would do this. 🙁

  25. José Ramón González Downham

    tevez: ee decirle al pibe ese que salude
    evra: este jaja