25 thoughts on “MCFC Awards 2012 – Moment of the Year”

  1. I think I’d tough it out if City started becoming loose. Now if they were losing on the other hand…

  2. The way I see it City has had United-type money for only a couple years and have already managed to beat United at their own game a number of times

  3. nearly had a tear in my eye when watching balotelli with the “Why always me?” sign on his shirt.. :’)

  4. Really shitty ..u guys r celebrating a Derby double hahaa lmao 19 titles ..come back wen u at least win a champions league

  5. 2004-5 average attendance 48000, 2011-12 average attendance 47000. Get your facts right before you speak nobhead

  6. so because we got some new international fans you call us glory hunters? thats for TheMrkoolman98 , City have more supports in Manchester than the scum

  7. State of city yee handicapped deluded bastards can’t wait till Newcastle fuck yee up tomorrow and UNITED go back top

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