MCFC Awards 2012 – Moment of the Year


Movie Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “MCFC Awards 2012 – Moment of the Year”

  1. ryandickinson4

    I love it when top teams fightening

  2. ryandickinson4

    I think I’d tough it out if City started becoming loose. Now if they were losing on the other hand…

  3. ryandickinson4

    The way I see it City has had United-type money for only a couple years and have already managed to beat United at their own game a number of times

  4. mancity69er

    there was two more games of the season when they done these awards

  5. gooshieet


  6. gooshieet

    moment of the season should have been the title decider against qpr!?

  7. TheEpic Evan

    nearly had a tear in my eye when watching balotelli with the “Why always me?” sign on his shirt.. :’)

  8. Gábor Biró

    so what?

  9. weponic

    @Andywhoooo Seems yo were kinda wrong my friend

  10. meethri


  11. meethri


  12. walkgill


  13. walkgill


  14. walkgill


  15. efrain2196

    Why always me ! Hahaha epic

  16. Pam Ryan

    COME ON CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. allenmanunited

    Really shitty ..u guys r celebrating a Derby double hahaa lmao 19 titles ..come back wen u at least win a champions league

  18. TheMrkoolman98

    and u know this off by heart and that 46k is only 4 the man city derby

  19. TheMrkoolman98

    r u serious

  20. ItzZNiTeM4RE

    oh dear, spoke to soon

  21. ItzZNiTeM4RE

    2004-5 average attendance 48000, 2011-12 average attendance 47000. Get your facts right before you speak nobhead

  22. Drew Shunkwizzle

    how’d that work out for ya? lol

  23. Uaegnome

    so because we got some new international fans you call us glory hunters? thats for TheMrkoolman98 , City have more supports in Manchester than the scum

  24. Daniel Clegg

    haha, nice one CTID

  25. Andywhoooo

    State of city yee handicapped deluded bastards can’t wait till Newcastle fuck yee up tomorrow and UNITED go back top