Micah Richards v Joleon Lescott: THE STORY


Online video Rating: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Micah Richards v Joleon Lescott: THE STORY”

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  2. 112constant


  3. Theo Karagounis


  4. SoccerBrosDotCom

    I miss ballotelli at city he made this channel

  5. graffititagger16

    please get everyone to do the harlem shake.

  6. RPFS2008

    Terrible team spiriit

  7. Emmanuel Rabha

    It is a tie 😀

  8. curtis harding

    richards is funny but joleon won that one

  9. SuperPaffel


  10. SuperMNasta

    When we’ll see Mancini vs. Balotelli ? Can’t miss that!

  11. stephen111ism

    mom and dad gave me this ha

  12. lilcapa11


  13. Heskey2good4you

    Not fair… Richards is injured

  14. MyBroIsASpak

    Should do an actual rematch on a table

  15. ell chap

    next up, milner vs barry

  16. eabdou29


  17. Am1ceo


  18. Gregory Wheelr


  19. msjellykean

    Entertaining, but got to go with a rematch.

  20. Jordan Carty

    Seriously 12 points behind united and your doing this while united play madrid and do well ———-MAN SHHITTTTTY

  21. Jordan Carty

    1-1 cmon united woooohoooooo

  22. Sam Watkins

    Micah because it was a left handed arm wrestle and Joleon is a lefty and Micah is righty

  23. TheReoraa