INSIDE CITY 31: Mario skills and a Dzeko v Savic shootout – HD


Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 31: Mario skills and a Dzeko v Savic shootout – HD”

  1. Revlino


  2. MrJonasJepsen

    1:57 someone’s playing Mario game?

  3. hugofat

    It was the same thing last year and look what happened.Freaking moron.And even if you win,that doesn’t make you any less stupid.

  4. Valdrinoo oo

    Hahaha,BEAST 5:27

  5. Yung Mad Milly

    Anyone noticed dat mario uses left hand but in football plays right foot

  6. Daniel Dunn

    Last year you were 8 points up looked what happened then this city’s blue go back to trafford

  7. rayfranca71

    Piss off guy commenting under me fuck you WHO ARE FIRST ON THE TABLE 7 POINTS CLEAR BITCHES

  8. JonUkutube

    Manchester city OWNS

    go away n00b red fans. Go fuck ur mum! go on !

  9. DE2veteran

    Overpaid tossers all look miserable !cuntz!

  10. RastaafroggHD

    Glory glory man united <3<3

  11. wearethefuture3030

    very ‘trailer park boys’

  12. xXxBLINGO07xXx

    Does that kid pay mario for a picture?

  13. xXxBLINGO07xXx

    He says its mario wanting to play tomorrow

  14. SETampaBest16

    Claudio reyna.. yeh buddy

  15. Lynx Lures

    What does mancini reply with at 2:35?

  16. hideto1993

    yes. everyday playing football, and got to money…

  17. ryan daniel


  18. ryan daniel

    Edin – dzeko -. edin yoja

  19. hideto1993

    i wanna live like they

  20. gisli rafn

    i love how pist off they get when they lose, haha

  21. Tom Berendsen

    Mario is an abosulute monster 

  22. Mirzad Varupa

    08:36 Dzeko: Ti pucas unutra xD

  23. xeneizehastamorir

    Claudio FUCKING Reyna! Argentine at heart…Jersey boy for life!!!

  24. TheFootballer333

    9:04 оооооо даааааа)))))

  25. Najiib96

    Mario Balotelli Is The King Check it out 09:18 hahahahah