23 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Aleksandar Kolarov: #askaleks Man City defender answers fans’ Twitter questions”

  1. Haha, I love relating to players and understanding the language. I’m Croatian and Portuguese so it’s funny when I can understand (inside) jokes with players. haha!

  2. Kolarov is a pure rarity of Serbian national football players.I was following him in City and at some points he looked woeful.But in Serbian national team he provided fantastic performance,showed great skills and crosses agaisnt Northern Ireland and were rated for ‘Top of the match’ by Goal dot com side against Italy.Otherwise,some “stars” as Vidic and Stankovic never provided one single percent for their national team…

  3. He did not start that match and I know that for a fact. He came on and scored to earn city that valuable point, and if it was not for that, the city would be second at the moment. Why are you hating on him for? I remember him making one mistake which cost city a goal but you are acting as if every match he makes loads of mistakes (which he doesn’t) Clichy just has speed… Kolarov better shot, passing, dribbling, etc. Top comment even says Kolarov is better with many thumbs ups.

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