24 thoughts on “Mcfc fans”

  1. I was at that Match it was a great game for the club and fans!!!!! Come on you blues!!!!!

  2. gimp was that your mrs screeching ? use wont be going wembley for a while after yesterday hahahahaha tosser

  3. i have never commented on this vid but i thort i would now some1 has finally relised i did nuffin wrong. daft police once i again but i did get in the ground in the end they let me go after alot of pusuading

  4. For a team with no history they certainly make it out to think that their club actually means something, man city est. 2008

  5. Liam united fans were the original train wreckers in the late sixties they started s lot if this hooligan lark, but we walked out of stretford’s ground in our city shirts and did not get too much abuse – you could nit have done that years ago. Utd in the cl final punted it too much and bringing Valencia and Evea inside was a bad tactic – you scored when you passed it!!

  6. If City had played Barca that day then you would’ve lost about 14-0 so shut up you fag, but on the bright side not long now till you over take United for trophies, about 50 more eh lad and the City is yours.

  7. makes me laugh how city fans behave like this but yet they get a good hiding off uniteds main lads and start crying saying united fans are thugs. So are city fans united are just a lot better at it, always have been

  8. I’m a City fan but when I this video I get very disaponited. You are letting the cops take one guy who tries to escape, why dont protect him?

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