25 thoughts on “INSIDE CITY 53: Mancini – was it a foul?”

  1. Agree. Hope United makes something like this in the future. Dont´t think it will be until Sir Alex retire tho.

  2. That makes two of us! Great to get an inside view of the life as a club. Shame United arent having their own version of this thing.

  3. Everytime Aguero sees the camera he gets so happy and excited! Such an amazing player!

  4. 08:39 Earn 100 000 Pounds a week. Cant even make a pass which a player who pays for free can.

  5. @zzundlb its time to believe this definitely. AND Really thankful for getting my Fav NFL new jersey’s for nothing bit.ly/TOuumi?=mkhoay

  6. it’s not about money dude. city will make etihad campus in 2014 and in Man city. a player and the fans are family . …, 🙂

    a city star now, is a magnet for a potential player in the future who will developed by etihad campus…., so, i thought you must thought with more info before just said it. thanks #respect

  7. Your probably jelly about RVP leaving Arsenal, but what you’ve got to understand is that he wanted to win a trophy and Arsenal are too SHIT of a team to do so; united needed a striker because our only proven striker was Rooney & Hernandez was off-form, So united sign RVP so that united get another striker and RVP can finally fulfill his dream of actually winning a trophy, because his talent deserves that; and united take up that task, Old Trafford IS referred to the theatre of dreams after all

  8. im an arsenal fan but unlike most i dont hate city. The difference between City and United when it comes to money is that they by players that they actually need. United by players to take themaway from rivals. they dont respect the league

  9. Yea i’m a LFC fan and iv’e been watching all these vids haha.. other clubs should start doing it!

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