INSIDE CITY 28: Kompany meets Robshaw plus a FIFA Street match-up HD


Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 28: Kompany meets Robshaw plus a FIFA Street match-up HD”

  1. EaRtHqUaKeakajake

    y ask if he is a rugby person when he plays football…

  2. Sophie Lee

    pass pass shoot!

  3. emreaydemir73


  4. Harry Parker

    ”FLIP FLOPE” hahaha.

  5. Jull3z

    wonder… how could it feel when you can take you in fifa…

  6. shewitch77ify

    Wonder what them sofas smell like

  7. before874

    Robshaw got skillz


    the micah’s laughter is very contagiuos jajajajaja

  9. Phillip Huynhz

    Arrr Richards LEGEND!!!… Slippers And Socks. 8:10

  10. Emily Gear

    pass pass shoot . pass pass shoot haha

  11. louis evans

    I support united but city’s channel is unreal

  12. carlos cobos

    6:30 nigel de jong using the last resource , crazy control method to win

  13. Dimebag204

    this has to be one of the best videos mcfc has posted 😀

  14. pieeyepaddy

    Andre 3000 on the advert before everyyyytime!

  15. LiiGHTNiiNGwv

    lol sharon in the background man

  16. leonardo britez

    ah todos los videos por favor fanatico del city y de carlitos soy
    por favor agreguen subtitulos

  17. leonardo britez

    se podra ponerle substitulos por favor para argentina!!!

  18. thisicoccon

    very funny channel 😀

  19. SuperJamization

    Micah Richards, lol

  20. dwayne zoney

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  21. Snoper145

    who is the player who’s playing fifa with the number 2? 🙂

  22. NadewaVEVO

    Every FootballTeam must have a youtube account

  23. derekd347

    i miss nigel

  24. KrustyKrabys


  25. KrisKeoss

    14:19 ‘Stoke’ after Pantilimon’s header 😀