MCFC Awards 2012 – City in the Community award


Video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “MCFC Awards 2012 – City in the Community award”

  1. amber martin @CohesionCom
    follow on twitter and blogspot please
    trying to promote community cohesion through sport
    thank you 

  2. sajdsjdsjkgds

    then again how can you not score headers with that giant forehead..

  3. Germzz95

    Without a doubt the most solid and amazing CB in the premier league… Unbelievable.

  4. Usama Mahmood

    united need to find another team and liverpool ‘ chelsea there not as good as they used to be.

  5. JohnInSale

    City and Umbro are like Fish ‘n’ Chips they belong together. Nike own Umbro so there is no reason. Umbro is Football / Soccer. Umbro is Manchester. We don’t want the same as United !!! Umbro = CTWD

  6. 120bbo

    top man!!

  7. DrummingSeagull

    In other words a United fan! lol

  8. kateriez

    His voice sounds like Moriarty from Sherlock.

  9. LangleyKTM

    Really ? thats badass do you have a link or something?

  10. Ben Walker

    Kompany is a legend!

  11. hk15machinima

    Kompany I love u

  12. p2394s

    They’ve overlooked the fact balotelli drove around Mosside giving out money. Dude is helping the community there

  13. Macauley Williams

    A good captain, a good player but an even better person! Don’t ever change Vinny! 🙂

  14. Alex Gilson

    Only a lifeless Idiot would dislike this video, this isn’t about football it’s about helping people less fortunate and we should all support it no matter what football team is behind it.

  15. pkthatkid2

    this made me cry with such happiness <3

  16. MisharyBader

    I am from Saudi it is located next to UAE , and I love MAN city . I hope the citizen can get the premier league.

  17. tubemate560

    Vince is the best defender in the world

  18. FoolTime123


  19. MrLucozade95

    EPL player of the year

  20. JoeMCFC21

    Pointless? Some would argue it’s the best.

  21. xiempie

    What a great player, such a great mentality and a born leader.

  22. wontkillbe

    We’re in good Kompany 🙂

  23. RPFS2008


  24. RPFS2008


  25. RPFS2008