Real Football Talk – Man City Vs Manu Title decider


Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Real Football Talk – Man City Vs Manu Title decider”

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  2. Booshismylife

    <3 , but full screen gameplay. Why not play the actual games your talking about? Like online, obviously you cant play them all so just play the most entertaining think that would be pretty good?

  3. MagMaster125

    this video was uploaded on monday, before the semi-finals

  4. 123mrciano

    4-1 for city

  5. TheFifa12Beast

    chelsea fucking scum

  6. Bennojinator

    What about Barcelona vs Chelsea! Chelsea through to the UCL final 😉

  7. emaxwell458

    thanks man

  8. adzanwar

    Max i dont really watch footy, but nice work, and i like the layout a lot, keep it up

  9. emaxwell458

    thanks man and i also appreciate that, i like interacting with my subs tbh and i love debating with them haha

  10. XCILE625

    Dude, I really like how you reply to every single comment. I really appreciate that in my subsciptions. And you make really good content this by far being the best. Probably my favourite youtube series relating to Fifa or Football.
    Keep it going bro!

  11. emaxwell458

    yep, hes an awesome player

  12. emaxwell458

    yea, they do tend to be longer than this anyway, there wasnt any drama this week so i skipped a segment

  13. emaxwell458

    thanks man

  14. XCILE625

    Tevez is really amazing. No football for 6 months and he comes back with a hat trick. Fuck

  15. glenn0010

    make them abiut 10 to 12 mins i dont think they wiuld be boring

  16. cockneyrebel9

    I’m liking the new format.

  17. cockneyrebel9

    city, city, city

  18. emaxwell458

    rft is a prem show but i may do one on that, i will think about it

  19. TheAdskiReason

    Are you going to do a video about the championship play off’s?

  20. emaxwell458

    i completely forgot man, sorry

  21. domfitz1212

    What about champions league football?

  22. emaxwell458

    totally agree man, if tevez was here all season city would be way ahead imo

  23. emaxwell458

    thanks for the feedback man and i think thats what i will do

  24. emaxwell458

    if it wasnt for the city game you have to play then i would say you could clinch 3rd

  25. TheNinja2270

    if De Dea and Rooney can keep there heads in the game man united have a chance but if Tevez keeps put his streak then man city have it