MCFC 2011 Review – #ASK Top Ten


Online video Rating: four / five

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15 Responses to “MCFC 2011 Review – #ASK Top Ten”

  1. Jesus Camachö

    that Natalie Pike could get it any day!

  2. MidnightPandaEater

    Noel Gallagher is a lad

  3. Declan Rooney

    wow that guy is to keen

  4. MrRukkiz

    gallagher is a fucking tool…. fucking junkie

  5. cerazyfilms

    probably because a freezer is smaller and u dont need a light dont ask questions

  6. MrPunkFever

    Guess Gallagher lives in the future with hi-tech fridges…

  7. TheRikstar24

    your *

  8. n4dzy3a

    like ur mum

  9. TheRikstar24

    hahah what a shithole the club is

  10. 1234jaj

    ‘Yaya’s facial expressions and his obvious internal monologue is only the same as ours, cause really… What the fuck is morris dancing’

    The best ending to this video, fucking hilarious

  11. Supduplemup

    Yaya Toure was certainly the most hilarious lol

  12. BestiaDelRio

    Please do an ask Sergio and ask Roberto!!!!

  13. afalie97

    i’m dying of their accents

  14. conorintn

    love all these top 10 videos!! but is it really necessary for gallagher to be in every one making a complete ass of himself

  15. lily clarke