25 thoughts on “FALCAO v CITY SKILLS: Brazilian Futsal legend takes on City Academy lads”

  1. Wow originall….I´m but it has nothing to do with my comment and if you think its funny your IQ is probably around 60

  2. that’s how everybody on that show acts. It’s skills AM. look it up if you haven’t seen it

  3. No wonder Man City can’t produce any home grown talent when their academy kids behave like complete wanks.

  4. they have to go to the academy for learn some tricks, we learn the same tricks and more on the streets here in sudamerica.

  5. That was awkward to watch with the city academy acting like fools and Falcao just standing their owning them.

  6. les voy a enviar un video mio para q vean q es hacer jugadas a balon quieto

  7. there’s radamel falcao a colombian footballer and alessandro rosa vieira best know as ” Falcão” and he plays futsal.

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