Manchester City vs Real Madrid 21.11.12 Promo


Movie Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Manchester City vs Real Madrid 21.11.12 Promo”

  1. TheLEN9I

    real madrid best club!!!<3

  2. DavidC20Productions

    Hala Madrid!, we defeated Manchester City, and now is time to defeat Manchester United!

  3. Markus Vitikainen

    what song please ! ?

  4. DavidC20Productions

    Real Madrid CF is better than Manchester City and Manchester United!

  5. ovetusvetusta

    LA LIGA 

  6. BF2superfans

    and GGMU, once again!!!

  7. vaggelisgreece1

    champ16ns!!!! hahaha u got basel and galtasaray we got madrid and dortmund. aguerooooo i bet u liked that moment scum.

  8. Sabin Thapa


  9. cledwyn chan

    La liga real madrid cristiano ronaldo

  10. fajar abdillah

    nice editing

  11. AndrexCR7


  12. TheBadMan6432

    man city is the best

  13. stephentylerforde

    here—> ronaldo7 .net / live /livestream /livestream . html (take away spaces)

  14. Lian F

    oh where can i watch this online live?

  15. Elia Andriychuk

    what is the song?

  16. SuperAnonGamer

    city city city 

  17. baiVylcho

    what is the song?

  18. mencot89


  19. john stephen acedera

    real madrid

  20. Gent Beqiri

    Dortmund played the best football in this group

  21. حسام محمد

    man city wins

  22. meyloweylo

    sweet promo!

  23. Cristian0R0nald095

    hasta el final Madrid. Vamos Ronaldo & co

  24. Thrillmillofficial

    How about fuck off