23 thoughts on “MCFC Awards 2012 – Team arrival”

  1. @jiggy7732 spot on mate…..his mom is of japanese descent. that explains his awesomeness with the ball lol.

  2. I agree. Despite not playing much and having to play in a style that he isn’t used to, he has delivered some important goals this season that have helped propel the team to a good position such as the QPR goal. But i think Sergio’s goal is a deserved goal of the year.

  3. hahahah how about that whole month and maybe even longer where dzeko was playing in most games and didnt even score a goal?

  4. Flop of the year ahaah good one. Without dzeko you wouldn’t be where you are right now hell would be on top and secured the title if he played more. Should of won goal of the year.

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