25 thoughts on “MCFC – Manchester City Tribute – MCFC”

  1. 52 years old so many memorys of Maine Rd – slipping in the police gate at the back of Kippax, Helen & her bell, Norman Wisdom coming on with the team in full kit, Mercer/Allison, Bell, Lee & Summerbee et al, simple programmes, mud quagmires in winter, rickety wooden benches in Platt Lane, Buchan putting Bell out the game. This song epitomises my memories and how it was – It’s fabulous thanks for posting.

  2. park park you are an ugly fuck youve got a face like a crispy duck could be worse could be gay gettin bumbed by john oshae hahahahaha man utd hahahahahahSHITTTTTTTT FUCKIN SHITTTTT GLORY SUPPORTERS FUCK YOU ALL

  3. im a villa fann, buh im proud to say that passion like this is what makes the game. there should be more teams in the league like man cityy. 4th place is ours though this year 🙂

  4. Nice Job Dude..Go City!!! My favourite team from all over the world! Btw I’m roumanian! 4th place!!

  5. if you are looking for a draw, ask mark hughes. spends hundreds of millions to  have 7 draws in a row.

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