24 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Manchester United: The Derby — KICKTV On Location”

  1. @TehFrostyGaming It was 8 points last season with 6 games and City won the BPL. This season is 7 points with like 17 games to go . So fuck you RED CUNT.

  2. @wulgsdq super like for this video guys. but listen Its absolutely without spending any money i got a NFL jersery bit.ly/UQ8TZR?=tucpku

  3. No logical argument or reply.. just a pointless comment.. probably trying to act tough… nice

  4. Didn’t Manchester United fans say that last April when they were 8 points ahead?What happened?Oh that is right..you let them score 6 goals against you which ruined it completely..not a City fan but would you still call them shit no matter how much they beat you by just because of the history?People think of City as a money only club but that isn’t always true..they are still the underdogs and although City has less fans..before and after the money, City always had true fans..

  5. in mexico there are plenty of teams close to each other and have a great hate for each other.

  6. it is 7 points
    only 7 points
    fuck u shitty
    it is not only 7 points
    GGMU will win the BPL this year 😀

  7. It’s only 0-0 it’s only 0-0 20,000 empty seats it’s only 0-0

    When’s the next dress as a blue seat day?

  8. manchester united and city sucks, Real Madrid <3 bastards, after new year a epic comeback will come, wait 'n' see

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