25 thoughts on “Arsenal – Manchester City [Promo 13.1.13]”

  1. ¡Muy buen vídeo Juan! Cómo siempre, hace mucho que no veía uno de tus vídeos. Un abrazo hermano.

  2. yes, it’s true I saw it in the news, but with no details. Maybe 2016 will come to Arsenal 🙂

  3. Its seems a team suited to his style of managing and he wont be managing Bayern now but next season anyway good luck against them 😉

  4. True but Manchester City’s is a team that is still trying to break through as a world class side only a few years ago to did we win the FA cup and only last year did we win the premier league after 44 years. We are still finding it hard in the Champions League. Pep Guardiola will be appealed by the fact that we havent won the Champions League or even progressed to the knockout stages. and the rivalry with Manchester United will give him a familiar setting to the one he has been in.

  5. well, I’m from spain and I see this view: Pep Guardiola likes to play with people from the team ( that play lots of time with the team, junior team) like FC Barcelona. Manchestes City likes to have players with the checkbook, buying them, like Madrid. Guardiola’s philosopy is to work with people like Wilshere in Arsenal or Xavi in Barça. Guardiola also said that he would like to coach Arsenal and I think that this is the perfect moment ( 6th in the premier, champions vs Bayern,…)

  6. No. You were mistaken. Those 3 goals shown in this video were not from the same match. Arteta’s sole winner was from 11-12 season. Arsenal drew the first leg at Etihad Stadium earlier this season courtesy of Lescott and Koscielny.

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