Dortmund Fans in Manchester City Centre ( 03/10/12 )


Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dortmund Fans in Manchester City Centre ( 03/10/12 )”

  1. BarenezenAFCA020

    Respect AFC Ajax Amsterdam! Ultras Vak410!

  2. standishm

    And im chelsea fan

  3. standishm

    Everybody knows liverpool have some of the best fans in the world, man united and liverpool fans are unrivalled when they play away, if u dont agree u dont watch football enough, when liverpool are in the champions league they are louder than anybody

  4. H98U52

    soccer isn´t wrong - so what?


    That embarrassing twat saying Chelsea an united fans are best in the world hahahahhahahaah he’s defo a cockney united fan who started supporting chelski in 2003 haha u fuckin rent boy get a grip LFC 5 TIMES


    Dortmund best fans in the world.. Respect from Liverpool FC YNWA

  7. sascher20

    After people like u didnt know what to say, they start with that nazi shit… u realy get us!

  8. Michaelchippy Jones

    Are these football fans or is it a nazi rally?

  9. Michaelchippy Jones

    Firstly, it’s called footbal, secondly, german league is not that great

  10. TheOnkeliltis

    I reckon many of us remember, the damn air was on fire that evening and you deservedly won, respect back at you.

  11. nigelmay24

    Fantastic support

  12. Joe Deasy

    my apologies

  13. Joe Deasy

    ohh you know what I mean mate. We’re all on the same team here

  14. Z4M8O

    Soccer?! WTF

  15. TheSandmann11

    erfolgsfan :D

  16. CynZxiLeJonko

    RESPECT, from Feyenoord, Netherlands. Remember 2002;)? Feyenoord 3-2 Dortmund UEFA Final. What a game with great atmosphere!

  17. Matthew Johnson

    Huge respect from Liverpool FC!!!


  18. RoyaleRoyce

    Es gibt Videos, aber ich weiß nicht, ob sie es jetzt haben. Wie England war?

  19. DanceWengaDance


  20. ben reid

    Amazing fans!!

  21. fweber00

    Schalke ist die macht

  22. fweber00

    Fickt euch

  23. Baejo1

    Chelsea = SHIT!
    Scheiß Drecks Kommerzverein!

  24. MsMuses

    respect from West Malaysia!

  25. allybongo1997

    Bet the police were loving it really lol