25 thoughts on “Dortmund Fans in Manchester City Centre ( 03/10/12 )”

  1. Everybody knows liverpool have some of the best fans in the world, man united and liverpool fans are unrivalled when they play away, if u dont agree u dont watch football enough, when liverpool are in the champions league they are louder than anybody

  2. That embarrassing twat saying Chelsea an united fans are best in the world hahahahhahahaah he’s defo a cockney united fan who started supporting chelski in 2003 haha u fuckin rent boy get a grip LFC 5 TIMES

  3. I reckon many of us remember, the damn air was on fire that evening and you deservedly won, respect back at you.

  4. RESPECT, from Feyenoord, Netherlands. Remember 2002;)? Feyenoord 3-2 Dortmund UEFA Final. What a game with great atmosphere!

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