TUNNEL CAM: Man City 2-0 Everton Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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24 Responses to “TUNNEL CAM: Man City 2-0 Everton Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”

  1. ShimanoStar

    08:38 “how old are you?”

  2. TA18master

    Did anybody hear Adele’s song ? starting at 5:21

  3. cptdex

    Good to see the respect of players and staff have for each other off the field.

  4. Zebra60221

    Was a shit game for us, but we got em back at goodison 😀

  5. SuperRhodsey

    Number 6 jack rodwell he is 26

  6. johnlaw1988

    tevez wont know where he has to go when he’s there tonight

  7. mokeeffe96

    03:15 marouane filiani lol

  8. 101meatdaddy

    @1:19 shakes everyones hand but the woman lol

  9. mike2k28

    11:01 lol jags

  10. MP023456

    this vid must break sum kind of record for the amount of handshakes ever had in a youtube video

  11. shrimpy246ify

    yaya is back????

  12. LiverpoolTuber

    look how good a captain nevville is, out first all the time always serious 

  13. unseenforce10

    wtf you on about im an everton fan? i said i like city an their support an united’s i dont mind aswell.

  14. shadowfire1993

    silva man of the match?

    Rodwell had him in his back pocket.

  15. forextutorialscouk

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  16. kenko9211

    Love Bolatelli and im a Utd fan!


    tevez looks pissed off bigtime

  18. FootballMaestro18

    That cheeky shoulder barge that Joe hart does on Jagielka 11:02 hahahaha.

  19. trimvan

    Look at Gareth Barry walk. He walks as fast as he runs. Slow shuffle.

  20. unseenforce10

    haha im an everton fan an i think balotelli is class haha love him

  21. unseenforce10

    fuck off knobead we have the best support in england your just a fuckin glory hunter you whopper

  22. Kismonos03

    its good to see that footballers are the same as us. i want to be like one of them one day.

  23. rob burns

    How many people do they need to hold open the doors for these reprobates?

  24. IamtheMartin

    Looks like someone took a shit on Fellaini’s head.