21 thoughts on “FAYC Swindon v City HIGHLIGHTS from the FA Youth Cup clash”

  1. Exact demonstration as to why tiki taka is a boring style of play. The idea is to make your opponents fall asleep with your passes between goalie and defenders, then hit them with a quick attack.

    It could be something else if the passes were only in the final third (the way the Arsenal of old used to do).

  2. some cracking goals 😛 the 25 passes, the 40 yard screamer that was great and then the own goal hahaha that was a good finish too just the wrong goal!!!! great youth team man city have and i hope those players will be a part of man city in the future!!! it would work in the long term 🙂

  3. Mancini should promote some players from youth side. City got a good youth academy!! the money buying is just for some short term stuff.

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