FAYC Swindon v City HIGHLIGHTS from the FA Youth Cup clash


Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to “FAYC Swindon v City HIGHLIGHTS from the FA Youth Cup clash”

  1. SócLọ SócLọ

    chuyen di chuyen lai ma cung tiqi taca biet tiqui taca the nao ko??

  2. Viet Chien

    Exact demonstration as to why tiki taka is a boring style of play. The idea is to make your opponents fall asleep with your passes between goalie and defenders, then hit them with a quick attack.

    It could be something else if the passes were only in the final third (the way the Arsenal of old used to do).

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  4. ultimatedilan

    Swindon best goal from the lot

  5. seewhatifound

    Stunning goal by Swindon

  6. Choleer

    Lol what the fuck, that goal was shite. 25 passes but 20 were between defenders and goalie

  7. ekkyrezky

    the most boring goal i’ve ever seen.

  8. akonpierre

    Thats goal was fuckin GAY

  9. chrisdoukaki911

    some cracking goals 😛 the 25 passes, the 40 yard screamer that was great and then the own goal hahaha that was a good finish too just the wrong goal!!!! great youth team man city have and i hope those players will be a part of man city in the future!!! it would work in the long term 🙂

  10. Lateef Bolton

    He will nvr forget that moment that kid.

  11. QuikDJ

    The Office Swindon

  12. ThatJustPerson

    Wow that was insane! Way to play it from ALL the way in the back.

  13. crazygamer241

    Mancini should promote some players from youth side. City got a good youth academy!! the money buying is just for some short term stuff.

  14. JamminWest


  15. AlexBarryFootball

    id say about 15 passes were played back:/

  16. MeNTalmannEn


  17. DippyJumper2

    2:40 O.o

  18. Igor Santana

    3rd goal was like barcelona

  19. kardon

    beautiful passes to set up the 3rd goal. tiki taka ehhy?

  20. gregt1707

    Well played city but that goal was insane! Perfect hit.

  21. Aizen Takahira

    lol 25 passes how annoyed would the other team be..