23 thoughts on “INSIDE CITY 25: Mario Balotelli meets Noel Gallagher & Tevez plays for City again HD”

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  5. so noel is left handed, plays guitar right handed, writes left handed, but throughs darts right handed…

  6. what it it turned out that Mario is HUUUGE Oasis fan and started fangirling like teenagers when they see one direction?

  7. No he’s not. he was the lead songwriter and lead guitarist of oasis/ singing the odd acoustic. He’s now in Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds.

  8. The oasis fan side of my wants to murder you, but i’m laughing so i’ll let you off the hook

  9. he’s a talking gnome who survived the second world war. he also appears in the music video of the oasis song “Dont look back in anger”

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