INSIDE CITY 25: Mario Balotelli meets Noel Gallagher & Tevez plays for City again HD


Video Score: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 25: Mario Balotelli meets Noel Gallagher & Tevez plays for City again HD”

  1. Chuck Norris

    Yeah, Some astronauts did.

  2. simeon oshoboke

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  5. TheGuyThatSpysOnYou

    what a lass that is! how a woman should propose to a man if it happens that way around!


    It would have been awkward if he had said no…

  7. dbr712

    LOL! I love watching two famous people meet for a photoshoot. It’s always so akward 😀

  8. Miles Milton

    so noel is left handed, plays guitar right handed, writes left handed, but throughs darts right handed…

  9. Christopher manu

    fuckkk city!!!!

    Glorry man u!!

  10. TheBullionBoy

    The cat is on £200k a week.

  11. Randy1337

    No thumbs up for Viera the legend

  12. 216william333

    ok the cat bit HOW RANDOM LOL

  13. afcredreign

    what it it turned out that Mario is HUUUGE Oasis fan and started fangirling like teenagers when they see one direction?

  14. SouthdownNo11

    No he’s not. he was the lead songwriter and lead guitarist of oasis/ singing the odd acoustic. He’s now in Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds.

  15. bergh070

    The oasis fan side of my wants to murder you, but i’m laughing so i’ll let you off the hook

  16. jhbeqjhwqdbhwq

    david silva troll’s everyone

  17. Fernando Torres

    Who’s the guy at 00:34 with number 93?

  18. Jack Flash

    he’s a talking gnome who survived the second world war. he also appears in the music video of the oasis song “Dont look back in anger”

  19. Zakie Arief


  20. Damo Radke

    The lead singer of Oasis you ignorant twat

  21. EuanThird7395

    Noel – “is this some.. southern game?” haha what a man

  22. Harly Roper


  23. 55dickhead

    14:55 Not giving a Fuck