INSIDE CITY 11: With Man City in Villarreal and Barcelona


Movie Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 11: With Man City in Villarreal and Barcelona”

  1. Nicolas Aletto

    Watch a good 10 episodes. Then you’ll become a City fan.

    One of us… One of us..

  2. rominda98

    Im not even a city fan, but I love this series 😀

  3. farhang arif

    from a true chelsea fan they are the best team

  4. TheNerdFactory

    1 dislike make that 2 :L

  5. evans boateng

    6:25 real english goalkeeper

  6. kuo90

    Hiwula! com’on son

  7. yoni nahmad

    nice butforget it im a chelsea fan

  8. orlygur2000

    It’s unbelievable how much time players spend on their phone.

  9. ManCityRoxTS

    Barcelona 4-1 City

  10. josevanreyes

    lol man city got battered by barca

  11. talgat sailov


  12. OzzyK7HD

    i love man city but this is prb going to be the score when the first teams for barca and city play each other if they do


    EDS- Elite Development Squad

  14. johnnygannerss

    did you buy all those likes on that comment too?

  15. UL74N

    Sorry just found out 🙂

  16. UL74N

    What’s eds stand for?

  17. talgat sailov

    No top comment??? Man city is the best club in England then 😀

  18. GenericTerric

    I love this channel, but I wish you’d post videos in higher quality. You can do better than 360p, Manchester City!

  19. Samc123456

    itd be a right ball ache to do all those interviews!

  20. Julian Paz

    Whos ,#8,10

  21. JoHack

    Elite Development Squad. Basically reserves but City only use young players for their reserves.

  22. mootku12

    City I LOVE YOU!

  23. sharkyman26

    Meaning of EDS?

  24. NillumHD

    I love this Team

  25. xRavenFreakx

    Watching the intro makes me feel like I’m in the CIA.