Gael Clichy’s Views On Joe Hart

The two former stars of City Gael Clichy and Joe Hart will reunite once again at Turf Moor in Europe. Hart is hopeful to edge past Basaksehir in the third qualifying round of the Europa League. Clichy would be happy if Burnley does well, especially after a no goal draw they had in Istanbul last week.

Clichy thinks Hart is an amazing man as he has been with him for 5 years and never heard him talking ill about anyone. He is indeed a guy with a lot of positivity and would do anything for his team. There is no doubt Burnley has a best quality goalkeeper. He was the captain at City before and Clichy thinks he could easily fit into the captain’s role at any given club. It is his positive attitude that has taken him this far and this is one of the key traits in football. Clichy is hopeful that he would do well, but Hart’s victory will only make him happier. Clichy wants his friend to have better days in his career as he deserves it. Hart has got still a few years left and his amazing character will make him achieve fame.

After having tough final years at City, Hart has now joined Burnley. In football, things won’t happen just like that as there is a lot of hard work one needs to put in. Most people have a feeling that movement to Burnley may be downward, but the club is known for being stable which is a positive sign.

It is a great challenge to play Europa League and players always wish to play for the best team if given a chance. However, if you have an opportunity to join Burnley and play the Europa League, it’s indeed a best achievement. Clichy during his days in English Football has already played at Turf Moor and he expects a competitive test now.