7 thoughts on “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge Part 11 – Aggie Aggie Aggie”

  1. Hey everyone,

    If you could please check out my football manager channel that would be great. I have my first 2 videos up. If you like them please like and subscribe. I’ve chosen Swansea to manage as they are a good way of showing how to develop a team in the premierleague.



  2. Aston villa is a really hard one
    i think its better to do it with bigger clubs as more players will want to join

  3. Still Silva, Still Silva, Still Silva, Still Silva, Still Silva…….you could make a 10 hour version of that. 😛

  4. This comment reminded me of this:
    The Molenuex! The Molenuex… Is full of shit! Is full of shit…
    The Molenuex is full of shit, it’s full of shit, shit and more shit.
    The Molenuex is full of shit!

    If anybody plays the Wolves, they should sing the Molenuex is shit song.

  5. Started the same save as you but with united instead, because i hate man city

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