The FA Community Shield – Man City 3-2 Chelsea Official Community Shield Match Highlights


Movie Score: three / five

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25 Responses to “The FA Community Shield – Man City 3-2 Chelsea Official Community Shield Match Highlights”

  1. JackArtStudios

    your saying that because your a glory hunting retard

  2. Sam Lockheart

    I can’t believe it was in AV’s stadium.

  3. Footballbuds DazCazRaz

    Hate Both

  4. Joseph Peyton

    What a nice stadium!

  5. Jacob Smoluk

    I hate City and I am saying that because I am a Manchester United fan

  6. jpcool49

    no wonder City beat you twice at home and one of them was 6-1

  7. jammy764

    City are so good, have you seen their record in Europe? .. Hahahaha

  8. Aaron Lorenza

    why u dont talk about the 6-1 one

  9. gangnam965

    Man cities

  10. Alejandro Strozzi

    Locals? LOL, you wouldn’t even know how to pronounce the name of your owner.

  11. tomtevans

    Could you even point out manchester on a map? leave the support to the locals.

  12. Alejandro Strozzi

    Fifteen points. That’s all I have to say.

  13. MCFCLover10

    Good call

  14. coltonmae

    Chelsea are shit and so is united so fuck all you haters you little babies jealous motherfuckers

  15. oscar flores

    The Failures of Europe.

  16. XjInterceptoR

    To be honest it’s persie united not man united. I’m surprised he isn’t injured from carrying your team

  17. Nasser Al Sayegh

    your so tough mr.wwe

  18. MrWWEAdam

    man utd are way better than man city we beat you this season in the premier league  2-3 with rvp winner just face it city are rubbish

  19. Drew McCyrus

    Disappointing times to be a Chelsea fan..

  20. Isak Dyrstad

    $hitty sucks

  21. TheUnicorn93

    no because man utd lost 6-1 to man city

  22. paula burton

    I’m city and I know it

  23. dragon titan

    we beat both these team 3-2 at their home ground so we are the best team in the epl by far UNITED

  24. Joanna bondjeka

    i did not like when Ivanovic was red carded and they lost

  25. Trần Tiến Phát

    2:58 the goal keeper of mancity was listen the beauty and the beat of jb