24 thoughts on “Real Madrid FC 1:1 Manchester United Promo 13.2.13 Promo”

  1. საღოლ ლაააააააააააააშ :* შენი ფანი ვარ <3

  2. my prediction:
    the score is a draw 2-2 in the second half… then Chicharito subs in and makes the winner !

  3. Please feel free to drop in and post your thoughts on realmadridforum . net on the biggest tie of the year so far whether you’re a Merengue or a Red Devil 🙂

  4. Very good video! I really like it!

    You can watch the interview of Mourinho from my channel as well

    Thx guys!

  5. Google
    Believe – Manchester United (HD)
    This could the year to celebrate n cheer (2013)
    Share and enjoy… best song ever for United 😀

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