25 thoughts on “Cazorla and Arteta mock Man City and Wenger in Spanish interview*”

  1. In the real one they were talking about life in England and Arsenal.. I saw it on SkySports

  2. lol sitting here drinking cold tea while there is a bar on my left with ridiculous amount of booze…

  3. the people at TalkSport aren’t funny. the only way they get attention is by annoying people. they’re like 5 year old kids.

  4. As genius as that is….I think we’re all missing the elephant in the room: what’s with Theo Walcott and that flamenco fan at the end?

  5. As an Arsenal fan i found this hilarious haha! never heard of Chorizo before but haha that made me laugh

  6. not sure if you´r stupid or just a simple troll O_O but yes this is a joke 😉

  7. Where is the REAL video of these lads talking?
    ps. Im an Arsenal fan and i found this hilarious! so stop being butthurt!

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