INSIDE CITY 45: Balotelli, Hart & Zabaleta speak Chinese


Movie Score: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 45: Balotelli, Hart & Zabaleta speak Chinese”

  1. iannnk

    1:24 Nasri is hilarious LOOOOL. ‘Arigato is japanese’

  2. Denis Sabanovic

    2:42 dzeko:yaya die

  3. Denis Sabanovic

    2:44 dzeko:yaya die

  4. Emmanuel Rio


  5. ceajay11

    @Din Shaba he actually said thank you in Japanese lol

  6. Din Shaba

    hahahah zabaleta said bye in japanese rather than chinese, classic

  7. djferno01


  8. Tien-yo Tai

    haha i love how city doing this!! best team in the world!! c’mon city!!

  9. Proud Red


  10. xXwhat1100Xx

    Haha ‘arigatou’ is japanese :L

  11. clintonanthonylad

    What Mancini says:
    Nice to meet you
    Nice to meet you
    Yeah I know what that is

    What Mancini is really thinking:
    How boring
    Don’t you get dizzy going around in circles
    What are you talking about
    How much longer do I have to stand here awkwardly pretending what they’re talking about

  12. StreetDrumm3r

    haha. is that FHM magazines i see in 0:25

  13. TSIrokialj

    I want to play in team like Man City is

  14. ComedyLB

    Ha ha ha joe hart was hilarious!

  15. xXSpainRocksXx

    yeah,sergio should have been there… 😀

  16. 123MRJAMIE

    we all watched the video…

  17. Bethany Ferris

    Joe and Yaya made me laugh so hard!! They are so amazing!! I’m adopted from china which makes it more funny haha 😀 xx

  18. Thoseguyswhogamealot

    nasri video bombing

  19. XBLsimon

    There like a group of 16 year olds – just very rich and talented ones

  20. Papabanee

    Papabanee chaine youtube pour Fifa Ultimate Team !

  21. N0rwegianGreenDayFan

    Wanna hear a joke?


  22. Roma9532

    I know what you mean.

  23. isaac kenchington

    15 people more gullible then i thought was possible.