25 thoughts on “MCFC 2011 Review – INSIDE CITY Top Ten”

  1. Natalie’s like ” oh mario´╗┐ come on” well Noel we know what he’d be thinking with that one ­čśë

  2. wimblydon crosses two fields everyday and SHITS on´╗┐ man utds training pitch!!!!

  3. They are thinking to deep into simple events such as these.´╗┐ Yeah balotelli might not be dexterous with the cake cutter, who the hell cares. He is a god damn footballer, not a chef. Why do we idolize these players, we simply forget that they are all but human at the end of the day.

  4. yea should’ve been about 5-1 to us but hey i’m not complaining we got the´╗┐ job done and it was really nice to see nasri have a really good game not just the goal but he played really well

  5. YEAAA that’s the spirit we’ll retain´╗┐ the title starting with the community shield

  6. Uf, of course Im very proud of being one,´╗┐ a come since 2009 when we were in 4rth place ­čśÇ and won the F.A. cup,

  7. It’s not a comeback i’m not sad enough to argue with someone on youtube. I was suprised people still use mum prostitute jokes. If you are 12 then I understand completely. If you are older than 15+ you really badly need to mature and grow up.

    . Please out of intrest how old are you really?´╗┐

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