Vincent Kompany – World’s Best Defender


Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Vincent Kompany – World’s Best Defender”

  1. Ivin Baby

    u r wrong the best defender in laliga is ramos he is adaptable to any defencive position and morover cr7 always used to beat both piyol and pique

  2. hellman92595

    ramos is the best but komany is top 10

  3. StarWarsUpdates

    Great CB. Best in the world? No.

  4. OO7squad

    he might be one of the best defenders in the Barclay’s league but Puyol is the best in the La Liga and that’s the best league in the world.

  5. OO7squad

    Pepe ressemble à un cochon

  6. B Saravanan

    we are beginning to get better.

  7. B Saravanan

    omg!. lenny you’re video making skills are quite as exceptional as kompany’s footballing skills.

  8. ceckfabregas

    World’s best defender wouldn’t get beaten by Park 3 times ;L if you saw the first game of the season for City this season against QPR. He’s so overrated.

  9. Erwin Beeckmans

    belgian footballers rules!!!! 😀 But we suck with the national team!!

  10. Florent Chif


  11. SRCuatro415

    The Best Defender —> /watch?v=ljCyE1-EJCQ

    In that video there is more in 6 months for Ramos than Kompany in all his career.

  12. Mindux518

    my idols, cannavaro, maldini, nesta, chielini, all italians.. now new breed is coming to be best :) hummels, kompany, silva, pepe, they are truedefence walls!

  13. David Blinn

    I see you’ve been playing a little to much fifa

  14. Vinto247

    19 Years old, did one great game. “Worlds best defender”



  16. bmf439

    varane is better.

  17. bottomgear

    the fact you didn’t mention Sergio Ramos in that list indicates your child like football manager based knowledge. He may not be the best centre back in the world at the minute, but he was last season and is easily up there now. Thought he dealt ok with Ronaldo, got properly skinned twice in two games? You’re naive if you think anyone can stop Ronaldo over 2 games….

  18. TheAhamedOne

    Sorry bro so whos better? Silva? Hes lame this season. Puyol Pique? Please. Vidic? Zero this season. Chiellini? Not that good as year ago. Ramos? Nope. Pepe? Never

  19. jonowev

    I love vincent company I think he is a very great defender, i wish i would be able to sly tackle as him

  20. RetroZhacks

    he is belgian ;D

  21. MrPoldekrosmol

    the reason why I call him the best deffender in the world is he grew from a BELGIAN team (wasn’t he a midfielder in Anderlecht?) to one of the most wanted deffenders in the world! He isn’t just a deffender,he’s a leader,he’s a good person,and he’s the most tallented of them all! So what he didn’t play good against ‘cr7’? he did what he had to do to stop him from scoring,THAT is what deffending is all about,not making sure ‘cr7’ doesn’t do his tricks or outruns you. it’s stopping him from scoring

  22. Bhav025

    He is honestly not the best defender in the world. He got really shown up again Ronaldo in the Real Madrid game again and again, he is a top notch defender but he is not the best defender in the world, that is absolutely ridiculous.

  23. cAAkzyyy

    The best defender in the world , COME TO PSG PLZ !!

  24. Harry sacks

    Cunt? Thats abit hash for having an opinion aint it? Theres a reason he hardly played, coz he was shit ha ha loser

  25. milllybob

    barely played in the prem cunt