Joe Hart v Mario Balotelli MCFC Training 17/8/2010


Online video Ranking: four / five

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24 Responses to “Joe Hart v Mario Balotelli MCFC Training 17/8/2010”

  1. Mather Andree

    Joe Hart is good goalkeeper :))))))

  2. TomzyFX

    Whoch Planet?

  3. Samfootiegirl


  4. hollownaruto123

    @RuzzaBuzza earth

  5. TheT33g

    Hahaha idiot.

  6. RuzzaBuzza

    @nicowinkes on what planet?

  7. nico winkes

    balotelli is the best player in the world

  8. paul202011

    Check out the brown nosing fans saying ‘save’ everytime he saves it, fucking hell hes a goalie, stop kissing his arse.

  9. FifaPro256

    Please subcribe my page

  10. Gadas h

    When I watch this it reminds me of my team training but the difference is there are about 7 people shooting one by one and I’m the kepper

  11. gpolenik

    who are the 2 annoying guys trying to kiss everyone’s ass?

  12. James McGinn

    joe hart kept diving back towards his goals at every near post shot

  13. salloomy9

    wow very powerful shots!

  14. BVdawnbreaker

    It’s amazing how the pros do the exact same thing me and my team do during practice.

  15. Paul McCartney

    they said it like twice, what you chatting you knob end?

  16. SixayBull

    yeah,if Joe had my coach: hey Joe! now give me 20 for kicking the ball out of the field, and when you finished get the f*ck after the ball…

  17. heypeople41

    this vid was uploaded 3 days after my b-day

  18. 1point618034

    If only I’d put that in the description!?

  19. Samuel Peter

    which one who ??

  20. ChannelOfRock1

    01:02 great save

  21. makingrsmv

    its called motivation you expect them to boo their own players? i dont think so

  22. stephandally2

    Balotellis shot is so cool

  23. Kristoffer Fröjd


  24. domizzz5

    Wtf is a “bimlick”????