TUNNEL CAM: City 2-2 Liverpool


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25 Responses to “TUNNEL CAM: City 2-2 Liverpool”

  1. bebe rico

    Im not a fan of Machester City but they have the best youtube channel ever 😛

  2. LiverpoolfcEPL

    nice to see two sides respects each other

  3. LFCcompilationsYNWA

    14:00 gerrard telling mancini good luck with the title race top class pro

  4. LFCcompilationsYNWA

    Assaidi is alive

  5. LFCcompilationsYNWA

    Geoff Shreeves

  6. Rob Hirst

    I’m not surprised that they are friendly considering they are both from South America. It was just nice to see, considering the hatred aimed at Suarez everywhere he goes, that he is liked by his fellow professionals. I think Suarez is a completely different person off the pitch to the character we see week in, week out.

  7. buddubman

    why wouldnt they be?

  8. jsmash99

    Incredible genes….but Diego really should have hooked his daughter up with Messi!!

  9. Joanna Dianti

    Maradona’s grandson o.0

  10. EssCeeDoubleU


  11. likea song

    02:20 looks like Slobodan Rajkovic. Whos? Nastasic?

  12. regigoaks

    and also maicon and lucas leiva

  13. Sk3elly

    @david kennedy t’was autocorrect I’m afraid.

  14. david kennedy


  15. alex catalan

    geoff shreeves is a biased mank cun tand fergies lover

  16. Ixyon77

    Gerrard said “good luck” as if after this draw its clear that man city won’t win the title and mancini will not probably be allowed to stay. I’m sure deep inside him he did that shake hand to remind him it. Frosties…

  17. 100jordanlfc


  18. alirdl7

    مبروك سيتي

  19. djsvy

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  20. djsvy

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  21. Ilyas Roble

    Gerrard shakes Mancini’s hand. Mancini is pissed for 2 reasons : 1. They drew at home to Liverpool. 2. Gerrard scored a Screamer

  22. Ilyas Roble

    11:54 Brendan Rodgers telling Joe Hart to sign for Liverpool

  23. arindha syakira


  24. macondn

    yes, both speak rioplatense

  25. 10M6

    Stevie is such a nice guy, you can’t say that about Mancini