NFL CROSSBAR CHALLENGE: Lescott v Milner with Micah Richards as ref!


Online video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “NFL CROSSBAR CHALLENGE: Lescott v Milner with Micah Richards as ref!”

  1. blcking45

    dj khaled!

  2. Eirik Hvam


  3. Alex Falk

    For all the punks saying American football takes no skill Don’t know fuck about the sport. These two look like little girls throwing the ball. Go look up drew Brees accuracy and tell me that doesn’t take skill

  4. Madabird

    I hate Man City but their channel is awesome. If I can’t help but watch a lot of their videos. Wish my club were as good to its fans.

  5. jajesam sigurno

    @kjjrfwl yeah i agree he is the best. between cant believe that i got a NFL jersey for nothing here–>

  6. yousuf abusaly

    haters gon hate 🙂
    if your club had enough money you wouldnt start complaining now would you? so stfu.

  7. ajbazza1

    no wonder Milner is shit at actual football

  8. UrMumIsFitBro

    Well, now it could be an NFL team as well sooo… 😉

  9. helltothesexy123

    hahaha quality banter

  10. CountryWrestling

    ha no.
    go suck VP’s chode.

  11. Zakariye Hassan

    It’s Arab Money. No history.

  12. kieran bartlett

    lescott with the Baltimore ravens 52 ray Lewis jersey on what a tank

  13. Philip Heskjær

    please fuck off

  14. bradenhowarth999

    Richards what a tank

  15. SoDahmSpacey

    Yeah but milner played for villa for ages and picked up brummy

  16. Kai Stevenson

    milners from leeds tho mate?

  17. Nabil Cozier

    Next NFL official commentator it’s gonna be Micah!

  18. Frederick Gustafsson

    Still better then mark sanchez..

  19. Greg Batista


  20. JonoGuy100

    I must be, if I’m funny without even trying 😀

  21. ecjedwards

    I’m not even a city fan but did you just say get a life to someone after you wrote that a completely unrelated player “rules”, really?

  22. FuZoNZz CLAN

    Van Persie rules so do united all you city fans get a life

  23. Nasser Al Sayegh

    ur funny?

  24. Jack Allen

    So much joke … Well done for taking part 🙂

  25. PoorIllyrian

    Is not just a football club is the moto of barcelona you brainless idiot hahahah Mas que un club