21 thoughts on “Show Your City: the new Manchester City 2012 home shirt is revealed”

  1. im not english but im very proud to be a manchester city supported, Cmon city !!

    Respect from mexico !!

  2. 0:56 Сергей Светлаков)
    1:36 теперь за Манчестер болеет)

  3. wtf was that crap just show the kit for god sake not some kids doing crap and what was that there where flying
    £40 city top in the air wtf rubbish vid and all kids are noobs

  4. I’m the one prepping for the Sky Dive, The weather was awful and we havent done the jump yet. I returned from holiday over the weekend and im should be doing the jump tomorrow as the weather has picked up.

  5. Don’t like the black badge or collar, will stick with fanwave blue and white from our league winning season. With the addition of Gold Barclay’s Champions Badges !!!

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