INSIDE CITY 46: Tevez and Nasri training goals


Movie Rating: four / 5

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23 Responses to “INSIDE CITY 46: Tevez and Nasri training goals”

  1. ScottyA a

    m8 you like wwe and lil wayne how the fuck can you dislike anything 

  2. Justin Brown

    such a shame seeing sinclair playing for reserves. The guy should have stayed at the swans !

  3. alfie ashley

    at 13:07 scroll down and just imagine….

  4. Balcer14

    someone knows another good channels from deifferent club ?

  5. Ricardo Pereira

    Justin Bieber playing football at min 01:11

  6. LucidMagicz

    I am but I feel like it’s just interesting to see a pro’s life ya know?

  7. winewn8


  8. SqueakySquad213

    Still less empty chairs at wigan

  9. uknowwatimsayin

    Exactly look at Celtic and Barcelona

  10. tHeToXiCeLeCtrOn

    although i support united…this channel is amazing 😀

  11. ptaker91

    3:16 cynical

  12. troy hester

    City need some better cameras, they’re always going fuzzy… ;p

  13. jonnypk777

    me neither but its phenomenal!

  14. Prashil Shankar

    Mancini, stop buying expensive players and use your youth

  15. Kal Johal

    Good thing i’m not the only one lol

  16. leon verrells

    Cheeky bastard: 12:45

  17. MukeshPandya1985

    City look like they have some quality youngsters. Shame they’ll just sit in the ranks. Who knows when the hell they’ll get a chance to fufill their potential. In that sense Arsenal are doing a good job giving the likes of Miguel, Coquelin, Gnabry a run out now and again.

  18. bySamzzzy

    grow the fuck up.

  19. oKalaSoppaa

    no i came here for like this video.

  20. MrAmineFry

    Rapidity : 86 (FIFA reference)

  21. nistyzd

    ” your ” just an idiot ? Ahahaha

  22. bySamzzzy

    your just an idiot.

  23. joeriii45

    tevez is to fat for city and to slow