Real Football Talk – Man City Win the league – Joey Barton sent off after kicking aguero


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24 Responses to “Real Football Talk – Man City Win the league – Joey Barton sent off after kicking aguero”

  1. paula burton

    Shut up john terry is resist so go on wikapeda and see for your self so screw u o by the nice vid

  2. frasert5

    hahah you know nothing mate, I’m sure your just abit over excited because both your teams won something this year with shitty winning the league and Chelsea winning the champions league. The question I ask to scum like you is who do you support when city and Chelsea play each other?. GLORYHUNTER

  3. Bradley Hall

    HAHAAHA! Twats! every city fan is a true fan! I have been my whole life and i wouldnt change a thing! Your probably some United fan with no connections to your club at all you probably just go for them because they win! CTID!

  4. Manchester27union

    When Barton sayd ” ill take one of the city players with me”, im pretty sure he was provokeing a fight to get a city player sent off. He diddent want to break anyones leg

  5. Dick Head

    he was getting revenge for the falklands

  6. PoorlyEditedChaos

    I’m In the backround footage 😀

  7. Bryan Carroll

    no probs :)

  8. emaxwell458

    wow, thats pathetic

  9. emaxwell458

    yes they did but not to the same extreme

  10. frasert5

    I know i was talking to someone on twitter who claimed to be a City fan for years and he couldn’t even tell what the Etihad was called two seasons ago. The thing is most of them were Chelsea “fans” before city got the money.

  11. frasert5

    Before Barton got sent off they still played with everyone behind the ball

  12. emaxwell458

    yes, they are not true fans

  13. frasert5

    I hate the MCFC “fans” who started supporting them when they got money, They can all go to hell

  14. stephen brookes

    not sad at all toure should have never left arsenal

  15. emaxwell458

    its not up yet man, but it will be soon

  16. Andrew Khew

    whats the website?

  17. glenn0010


  18. NewTimeRevolution

    went to visit some fam. then got sick when i got back :/

  19. emaxwell458


  20. Aizen Takahira


  21. XCILE625

    In that case, he’s a dumbarse cause what makes him think Sergio Aguero will fight back, if he was smart he would have kicked Balotelli lol

  22. XCILE625

    Its kinda sad too think where the other CB’s will go. Kolo and Julian, quality guys but oh well, City are better then that I guess

  23. TheFifa12Beast

    i meant to say could do better lol

  24. emaxwell458

    haha yea where were u