25 thoughts on “MCFC Awards 2012 – Players’ Player of the Year”

  1. LivingMusique was right.. He is making an effort with the language… Nobody’s perfect okay!

  2. keep telling yourself that. that’s the problem with you English though, your too soft and eager to bend back for others until they screw you over. just face the truth, the fact is he’s not making enough effort with the language.

  3. he unsdertand english but he dont dare to speak he feel shame because he think he doesnt speak ery well , is a tipican complex of spanish people, The dont dare to speal another language because he think cann t explain all the passion and is afraid to do some stupid badunderstanding with the language. Thats. Life. he is ery shame, but the best language he can speak is in the pitch doing magic

  4. nice Silba make the diference in this team is the best deal ManCity made. Now Real Madrid want him for more money than

  5. Should have gone to Aguero. David Silva didn’t do too much in the last 10 games. Still a fantastic player though although it’s just my opinion.

  6. not premier league. its PFA. Vincent Kompany is the premier league player of the season.

  7. i asume messi doesnt have vision and passing that silva has ? i’m sorry but this is just ignorant thing to say.. i know you guys about to win the league and everything but c’mon

  8. he scored freaking 5 in the ucl, highest goals in a la liga season and European season. i’m not a Barcelona fan. in fact i hate them stupid diving cheating scums but you can’t deny that messi is overrated or not good!!

  9. how many records? its one record dis year,outshined by all inside the box goals,tap ins,and penaltys. its much more,silvas vision and passing and teamplaying skills outshine messi.

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