Pep Guardiola Is Resolute about Keeping up with the Tactical Tweaks at Manchester City


Pep Guardiola is not going to make a surprising tactical change if he thinks these are going to help Manchester City but admits to shying away from some if they backfired and people will kill him.

Arsenal Guardiola fielded Bernardo Silva left-back before moving the Portuguese into a more known advanced position in 60 minutes in the 3-1 win. Afterward, the manager talked about his tactics as horrible and he reminded me of the comment that had been made.

He said that how he had imagined the game, didn’t work. If it works, he is brave and if it does not work, he is over thinking. He says that questions his tactics and why he doesn’t play Kevin De Bruyne all the time. Since Kevin de Bruyne can’t play all games, he has to be fresh in the head. Guardiola thinks that he needs to get a message and he can do better.

He says that he cannot wake up or go to sleep in the morning, have something inside him visualizing what the opponent can do, and consider that the normal thing is to play the starting XI that 89% of the people across the world are the best.

Guardiola says that in 14 years that he never decided to show off. He takes a decision when he feels it in his gut and stomach. In his statement, he said that he is going to keep on making similar calls but in the past, his courage did fail him and sometimes a few times in his career. He knows it is a rate but he does it in important games since if it is then if it goes wrong, people will kill him and he plays some of the biggest stars.